Research Report for John Liming, Immigrant has arrived!

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I received the first draft of the research report done by our genealogist 2 days ago. We have been working on the final draft since then and it should be finished tomorrow!! Next I need to submit the copyright application, upload the cover and document to Bowkers. Once that process is done, I can deliver the document, first to the donors and then make it available on the website. I anticipate getting it available on the website by Sunday at the latest.  I will say right now that no new records or documents were found for John the immigrant in Monmouth County. But a very throrough analysis was done of all the documents collected by family members over the years and of Sam K Leming's section on John the immigrant. Images are included, including new images of known sources from several repositories in Monmouth. I am very happy with the work done, the report and my experience working with Joan. 

Kari Lemons

Founder – John Liming Society

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