Kari Lemons is the Founder and President of the John Liming Society. Established as a subsidiary of Lemons Publishing which is a sole proprietorship owned by Kari Lemons. Most family associations are non-profits and depend on paid memberships and donations to survive. For the most part they struggle to do any real research, because research costs more money then they take in. The goal is to be a self-sustained organization that continually does research.

The primary purpose of this Society is to preserve the history and genealogy of this family. While family members from many different branches have done research for decades there has never been an organization to collect, store and preserve the work. The focus of this society will be to build the most accurate, documented and sourced tree possible. To find as many original documents, records and artifacts that add to the value and accuracy of the tree, then scan them to an online library. My hope is eventually the possibility of obtaining Family land or partnering with existing organizations like the Leming House in TN or the Leming Farm in Ohio, where the family artifacts can be stored in a museum setting.

There will be 3 interwoven and integral parts to the society:

  1. The tree will be the product of the society. Access to the tree and the library will be by subscription only. All income from the subscriptions will pay for the monthly administration costs of running the society.
  2. The free membership to the society. We want as many descendants as we can find and who provide proof that they are descendants to be members. We want spouses and friends of the family to also be free members. By bringing in as many people as we can without the paid membership barrier only helps the sustainability of the society.
  3. Member Projects: Each month there will be a project sent out to the membership as a crowdfunding project. Any member can submit a project to the society to be considered. The project should contribute to adding more knowledge to the tree by: hiring a certified genealogist to acquire original documents, confirm a parent/child relationship, sorting out all the cousins of the same name, living in the same area, or other tasks. Or honoring an ancestor, by repairing, or replacing a broken or missing gravestone, sponsoring a cleanup day at a private cemetery.  Proving your branch by adding YDNA testing, have a project to pay for a YDNA test for a descendant Liming Man. Assist in getting a society member to become a member in a heritage society like DAR, SAR or Founders of New Jersey, Tennessee, Ohio…..

Lastly, as the tree improves and as more documents are added to it, members will be able to request custom books to be published from Lemons Publishing.