fundraising thermometerOne of the fun things that the society will be doing is having crowdfunding projects. All projects will be submitted by members and the Society Admin. The goal of doing projects is to increase the knowledge and value of the Master Tree and to honor our ancestors. It's way for the members to get creative with ideas and a way to engage your close family members who haven't decided to join the Society yet.

Projects Examples:

  • Pay for a Y-DNA test for a Liming/Leming man who is in a line that has not been tested yet.
  • Pay for a A-DNA test for a woman who is in a direct line to an unknown maternal family surname.
  • Pay for a Certified Genealogist to do a record search.
  • Pay for a Certified Genealogist to do a father to child confirmation.
  • Repair or replace a ancestor gravestone.
  • Pay for cleanup around family stones in a un-maintained cemetery
  • Pay for new features or tools to add to the website.
  • Pay for a Certified Genealogist to assist with Heritage Society Application
  • Whatever else can be thought of, we can add to the list

Current Project:  

Project 3 – Raise another $300 for the retainer of our  genealogist's time in Monmouth County, NJ. She will be tasked with reviewing all collected documents for John Liming II, finding originals if possible, and searching repositories she has access too.

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Thank You for supporting the Society!