Tree software and entry

I have been working on the tree software recently. I needed to get it setup, pick a template, adjust all the settings, before I attempted to add data. I was hoping that I would be able to upload a .ged file and install the tree the easy way, but no none of the media linked to the correct people. There were lots of problems with how the data transferred and it became more of a head ache to try to fix it then to delete it all and do a manual adding of the data.


Manually adding the data gives more control on how the data is stored and linked together and eliminates all the errors. BUT, it will take time to get all 10,000+ people, and all the records, documents and images into the tree. This announcement page will be used to let you know what has been done in the tree so you know if you want to subscribe see what has been added. While the beginning addition to the tree is happening there will only be a subscription of 1 month with a 3 day trial period and it will be for $5.00. It will not renew after the month and it will be up to you to renew if you wish. The money from the subscriptions will be used to pay for the monthly costs of the society and any upgrades to website.


Here is the log of what has been done on the tree so far.
8-25-2015: Top 3 generations added
9-1-2015: Documents, sources and images added to the top 2 generations
9-2-2015: some of generation 4 added.
9-3-2015: more of generation 4 added.
9-4-2015: Kari Lemons line added with DNA testing notes. Wayne Lemons added with DNA notes.
9-5-2015: Lloyd Lemons line added with DNA testing notes. Subscriptions turned on.



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