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Andrew Gayley

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Hey there, I am noticing on several people’s lineages that they list William Henry Liming b1721 as a son of John Liming II. FYI everyone!!! John Liming II had a son William AND a son Henry, they were 2 different people. This mistake has propagated on ancestry for years and is like a cancer that won’t be killed. The initial error was that someone when reading the will did not see the comma between the names and read it as one name and then put it on ancestry as such.
William was born about 1715 and Henry was born 1721. PLEASE FIX YOUR LINEAGES HERE IN YOUR PROFILE. PLEASE FIX ANY ONLINE TREE YOU HAVE TO THE CORRECT PERSON. Thank you for your help. If you see this incorrect info in other trees on ancestry, message them the correct information as stated above. The easiest way to see who has the incorrect data in their tree is to do a search for the wrong name….