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Deborah Kinney

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I added a new project to the projects page 2 days ago. I have found a certified genealogist in Monmouth County, NJ who is very interested in helping us. She is a writer and speaker and is very qualified. I have asked her to help me do a few things. First is to look at all the writings and documents that we have and that have been written by family members, look at all the sources and pull the originals if she can and get photo’s or copies of them. Also then do an analysis on each person to verify the parent/child relationships, settle some of the age old arguments on who belongs to whom. Then write a research summary and a proof summary for each person. These 2 types of documents are of the 6 types of reports that certified genealogist write. She charges $25 per hour, which is a bargain! She asks for a 10 hour retainer to get started. The current project is to collect enough for the initial retainer. I only want $10 per donation because this will be an ongoing project and we will need to keep up the retainer for her to continue working. Those who contribute to this first retainer will get copies of what is produced with the first $250. Then the reports produced will be added to our Society store for purchase. The sale of these reports will be used for more research. Just as an FYI these reports will be copyrighted by the society. While the information may be free to collect, we are paying for expert analysis and professional writing services. Do not give the reports to anyone for free, the selling of the reports is how this organization is going to raise money to be a sustainable organization and be able to do continued research. It is ok to quote small portions of the report as long as there is a complete citation and link to the society store with it. It will not be ok to scan any portion of the reports and put them online. I hope everyone understands that this copyright reports control issue will be vitally important for us as a society to grow, to be sustainable, and for the quality of our tree.