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Gary if you hover the mouse over the word Profile in the main menu, can you click on edit profile for me please. Then click the lineage tab and add your info there too. You can look at my profile as an example. Thanks that will help others to quickly see how you connect to the family.

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My line

This is a list of my line going back to John II, if not John Lyming.

Gary Liming b.1952, son of:

William Earl Liming (Earl) b. 1901, son of:

Isaac March Liming, b. 1862 son of:

Samuel Nelson Liming, b. 1831 son of

James Liming, b. 1798 son of

Samuel Liming, b. 1753 son of

Henry Liming, b. 1721 son of

John Liming, b. 1683 son of

John Lyming, b. ?

BTW, I was able to pass muster with this to join the Sons of the American Revolution, so if any of you can hook into this, I suppose you could too, if you so desired. (Samuel was stationed at Ft. Pitt during the time of the Revolution, and after reading about it, Valley Forge had nothing on those guys.)

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Thanks Gary, nice to see your lineage. And also nice to know that you are in SAR with this Lineage. What is your SAR ID number. Descendants of Samuel Liming can use your Application and back-up materials to apply to SAR or DAR. Gary also if you used the same criteria as you did for SAR and went back to John Liming the immigrant and Prudence, you could use that to submit to the Organization, John Liming the immigrant, Prudence, and the kids are considered founders because they lived or were born in NJ prior to 1700. No one has submitted the Liming family to them yet for consideration. It would be nice to get one person in and through the process, so then we could all follow the leader 🙂