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You make an interesting case. Is there a record of the land being sold by him prior to ending up in New Jersey?

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The Nevis indenture record – Is this our John?

I want to start this discussion about when John Liming left England, because there is lore based on a 1661 indenture record that is in most trees. And then there is the 1675 Delaware Land patent record which was referenced in a couple of sites but that I have just found.

Is one or the other truly our John Liming? Are they both our John Liming? Will we ever know for sure?

The indenture records states:
John Lyning to Joseph Hardwick, 8 years, Nevis

Source: The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654-1686, by Peter Wilson Coldham, published by the Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. (Baltimore), in 1988.
And can also be viewed here:

First off the name is not spelled Lyming or Liming. I am not sure why this man was ever singled out as our possible ancestor?

Dallas and Janet in their family document state that several of the early Monmouth residents were on the ship Gabriel to Nevis. I looked up all the men they listed and did find that most of them were in Nevis but were sent at different times, but would have overlapped when John Lyning was there.

Servant Name–Servant’s Destination–Servant’s Ship–Servant’s Indenture–Release
William Browne—Nevis—August 27 1661—1665
Richard Lawrence—Nevis—December 1 1661—1664
Roger Williams—Nevis—May 14 1661—1665
John Lyning—Nevis—September 6 1661—1669
Joseph Lawrence—Nevis—January 13 1662—1667
Roger Williams—Nevis—January 11 1662—1666
John Robins—Nevis—January 25 1662—1666
William Browne—Nevis—November 26 1669—1673
James Browne—Nevis—Gabriel—October 19 1670—1674
Roger Williams—Nevis—Nevis Adventure—September 10 1670—1674
William Lawrence—Nevis—December 1 1674—1678
no Thomas LEONARD
no John Bowen

But I have still yet to cross check these men in the early middletown tax list records or other early resident lists I have. If all these men did end up in Middletown by 1680 then this would put weight on them all knowing each other from Nevis. They could have made some kind of pact to help each other after release.

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There is so much history that must be understood in this time. This 1670-1680 time period is the transition period from Dutch rule of New Amsterdam (New York) and English victory and take over, then Dutch Victory and then finally English Victory again. Lord Edmund Andros had been in Bermuda as a major from 1666-1668 then came back to England to deliver letters to the king. He then came to the colonies to negotiate the Dutch Surrender Nov of 1674 as the first English Governor of New York.

I am going to write a timeline document that shows John in context of the historical going’s on around him. I sort of start this last year but did not finish. The timeline will be included in John’s biography document I am putting together.