John Liming Society: New mail


You have received a new message from Kari-Admin.

Hi Zak, I am hoping that you will fill out the rest of your profile and add a photo of yourself (avatar).

To change the Avatar, hover your mouse on the word “Profile” on the main menu. Click “Change Avatar” then follow the instructions.

Click the word “Profile” There are several tabs, on the Personal tab; add town, state, and You are the descendant. Check or uncheck the notifications. The first one is to get email when you get a internal private message. The second is when anyone does any activity you will get a message. This one could lead to getting a lot of email as more people keep joining.

Next click the Lineage Tab. You are from John II branch. Then enter your direct line lineage up to John II. Please follow the formatting instructions. Having this info for other members to see can aide in their knowing how you connect and aide communication about the different branches. You are the expert on your own family usually out to your 4-5 generation.

Then go to the Posting Page and give the members a shout out, ask a question, tell us the weather in your town, just say anything so you can try it out.
Thanks so much for helping me out!
Kari Lemons