John Liming Society: New mail

Brooke Sweet

You have received a new message from Stephany Eisenberg.

Hi Kari,

Thanks so much for informing us of a relative that is going to be in the Ollympics, Brooke Sweet.

I am also a long time volleyball enthusiast, and I found it quite exciting and surprising that I have a relative in the Olympics that is in my favorite sport!

I was wondering if you have any kind of contact information on Brooke, through the John Liming Society page? So that I could message her without her thinking the wrong thing. I do not see her name on the list of contacts.

I thought I would try this route first, before I try to find her on other social networks (FB), so she might have an inkling of who I am trying to “friend” her.

Thanks for all you do, and all the input you have had on the ancestry line!

Stephany Eisenberg