John Liming Society: New mail

Branch of Leming Family…

You have received a new message from Herman Paul.

7th. G Grandfather–John LYMING-B.-1650- Kent, England
6th. G Grandfather–John LIMING-B.-1683- Monmouth, N. J.
5th. G Grandfather–William LIMING-B.-1715- Middletown, N. J.
4th. G Grandfather–Isaac LEMING-B.-1751- Middletown, N. J.
3rd. G Grandfather–Ezekiel LEMING-B.-1776- New Jersey
2nd. G Grandfather–John Britton LEMING-B.-1807-Monmouth, N.J.
G Grandmother–Caroline LEMING-B.-abt. 1829/30-Ohio
Grandfather–Charles Taylor PAUL-B.-Feb. 11, 1870-Bracken co. KY.