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Hi Herman,
I added your question to both the posting page and the forum for John Liming II.

The posting page is to put stuff for all the members can see it, if both of you are on at the same time you can have a conversation there. These posts are archived monthly and do tend to fall off of what can be seen easily.

The forum is also a place to put questions where they will stay and are able to be seen for long periods of time.

I posted my reply to you in the posting page

Original message by Herman Paul

Question about (Lucy Catherine BRITTAIN/LEMING)…

Kari…still not sure how to navigate your page…but I have a question…who were the parents of (Lucy Catherine BRITTAIN-LEMING)?…SHE WAS BORN (Dec. 25, 1779) in New Jersey, and died (Dec. 26, 1851) in Newberry, Clermont, Ohio…I sure would love to know…thanks…Herman