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Hi Jennifer, I’m so glad you joined and added those photos. They are really cool and it’s great that you have them.

I am hoping that you will add your lineage to your profile. Hover over the word profile and click on edit profile. Click the lineage tab and add the information for your direct lineage as far back as you know. You are in the John Liming II branch.

This website is fairly new and I am trying to get people who have been using the facebook page to move their conversations here now. I am planning on closing the current group page soon and only have the organization page on facebook, located here.

Original message by Jennifer Lawless


Good morning Kari,

Thank you for the invite on
I added a few photos circa 1900, one of which is of a Liming Reunion in Burton, W VA at my Great Grandfather, Dearly Vanevery Liming’s home.

Your site is Great!!!
Jennifer Lawless