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Osse Liming, daughter of Thomas Liming

Hello Kari,

You contacted me yesterday about some information I posted awhile back on Osse Jacobs, daughter of Mary Liming.

I have been researching this family for many years, but without much success. My fourth great grandparents were James McMonigle, Sr. and Mary “Osse” Liming/Jacobs? (1773-1848). The few documents that I have uncovered in Indiana for her lists her name as “Mary McMonigle.” As to her maiden name, some have reported it as Jacobs and others Liming.

About 100 years ago, the McMonigle branch of the family started to investigate the Thomas Saltar trust. They believed that they were heirs of Thomas Saltar through Osse who is mentioned to be the daughter of Mary Liming in his will. They obtained a lawyer who made a trip to Philadelphia to collect information, but nothing came of it. According to the family records, James McMonigle’s wife was Osse Jacobs who was listed as the daughter of Thomas Jacobs and Mary Leaming. They believed that she was the Osse mentioned in Thomas Saltar’s will.

James and Mary McMonigle lived in Nottingham, Washington Co., PA for awhile. There was a John Liming who left a will in 1798 in Nottingham twp. who I think may be her brother. This John even mentions Thomas Saltar’s bequest in his own will. Do you have any information on this John Liming (d. 1798)?

There must be a connection. So far, I don’t know how the Jacobs family comes in or if it even comes in at all. It could be that Mary Liming married a Jacobs after Thomas Saltar’s will was written, I don’t know. Mary was also married prior to James McMonigle. She had a son named William Williams who died in the War of 1812. I have not been able to locate any information on the name of her husband though.

It was also during this time (early 1900s) that the descendants of Lucy (Liming) Lewis began to investigate the Thomas Saltar trust. Lucy is mentioned in the will as the sister of Osse. I have never found any records showing Osse to be Mary. Maybe there is a missing generation since the dates don’t seem to match.

If you can provide me with any information on Mary Liming mentioned as Thomas Saltar’s sister and Osse, her daughter, it would be much appreciated!

Jesse Stamper