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ok I found the Beers book on Google Books, the full version!

Do you have a copy of Melville’s book? I would very much like to get a copy of it!!
Do you know if he has descendants who still control the copyright? Was it ever copyrighted?

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parent/child proof

1. What did you use for parent/child proof between Henry Liming, 1721, Monmouth, NJ and Joseph Liming, 1745, PA?
2. Did you find a Will? I would love to see the will or doc that names all of Henry’s children.
3. And then the same question as to what proof for Joseph that lists his children? I recently invited a cousin from your line to join the site. He descends from Eulala Liming Bulow. They don’t know anything past Henry.
4. Why do so many trees have Henry listed as William or William Henry? I have never seen any record with his name as anything but Henry.