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Hi, Dallas. I have called and left a message for my local(next door) Township Trustee , Denny Schneider, to see if he knows who is in charge of the Hamersville Cemetery. I was there earlier in the year, and it had been roughly mowed, but I haven’t been back, so will have to go see. I will try to remember to check on it Monday if I don’t hear from Denny by then. I replied to this note via e-mail, I think, yesterday. As I told you, we have a Liming Lake Rd., and a Liming Van Thompson Rd., both west of Hamersville, both intersecting with St. Rt. 125, which is the main route thru Hamersville.Will you be staying with family while you are here? Have you ever been here before? I would love to meet up with you, if you wish, and if it could be arranged. Cathy

Original message by Dallas Riedesel

Hamersville Cemetery

Do you know if the Hamersville Cemetery is being maintained. I want my granddaughters picture with Abraham Liming’s marker. We hope to be in the area in mid July.
Also do you know where Liming Road is located. Is it outside of Hamersville?
dallas riedesel
Lakewood, colorado