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Hi April, Thanks for the feedback on the messages. I’m not sure why you got so many that led to the same place. This information about your lineage needs to be added to your edit profile screen and added to the Lineage Tab. You are from William Liming’s branch and he was Daniel’s father.

So on the entry field that asks for which branch, enter William Liming
Then add each line above to the field in the lineage form. Be sure to click save/submit. Then it will show up in on your profile page so that everyone can see how you connect.

Thanks for contributing your info to the site.

Original message by April Peacock

Liming branch

I had 7 messages and each one I clicked on brought me to the same message, “Which Branch of the Liming family do you descend from: Branch: William Liming….and so on” I wasn’t sure what if anything it was asking me to do so I’m hoping I got it right.

Branch: Daniel Leming

7th GGrandparent: Daniel Leming, b.1726, Monmouth, NJ
6th GGrandparent: Thomas Leming b.1760, Monmouth, NJ
5th GGrandparent: Levi Lemmons, b.1784, TN
4rd GGrandparent: William Monroe Lemons, b.1801, TN
3rd Grandparent: James C Lemons, b.1827 McMinn, TN
GG Grandparent: Mary Jane Lemons, b.1850 McMinn, TN
GGrandparent: Dona Caywood, b.1888 Decatur, TX
Grandparent: Sylvester Allen “Bud” Williams, b.1908 McPherson, OK
Parent: Vivian Oleta Williams, b.1930 Duncan, OK


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