Communication has arrived!

After searching and testing many different social network products for the Society website, I finally found the plugin product WP Symposium and installed it. I am really happy with the implementation and how it is working on the website now. Now members can talk to each other through various channels; private messages, general community messages on the Posting Page, or by leaving messages in the forums. Each member has a profile page where they can edit their personal contact information, add or change a avatar photo, add photo's to a gallery, and enter their family lineage. There is a member directory and by clicking on a person's name we can see the public part of their profile. I have been enjoying reading all the lineages that have been entered so far, it is very interesting to see how we all connect to the tree.

Now that we can talk to each other, which has been one of the main goals for the society website, it is time to start inviting more people to the Society! I started this week working down my excel file of descendants I have found on ancestry. A couple of them have joined already.  I have a list of over 1000 people in my excel file and they each have to be manually messaged on ancestry's internal messaging system, so it is going to take time.

If you have regisitered already but still having trouble, click on the Forum link and go to the Help Forum. There are instructions on how to change things in your profile, and email settings. If you want to get to know the other members a little, click on the Member Directory link and click on people, you can see what branch of the family and their lineage. To send a message/photo to all the members like a introduction or a hello, go to the Posting Page. If you have a question post it in a forum. If you start posting with someone and they are on at the same time you can take that conversation to the chat room. There is no limit to the amount of people that can be talking in the chatroom at one time.  If you still need help come to my profile and send me a private message.  

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