Project funded! Certified Genealogist Hired

Today I sent $250 for 10 hours of work to Certified Genealogist Joan Bentancourt in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I also sent all the documents and sources that have been found and collected by researchers for John Liming the immigrant. Joan’s task is to evaluate each source as to whether this is John the Immigrant. She will also see if she can find the original documents that have been sourced and get copies. And finally she will prepare an official report for John Liming the immigrant. I added the $120 to get this project off the ground and started. Those of you who donated will get a copy of the report when it is received from Joan. The report will go on sale on the site for those of you who will want to see it. These reports will be copyrighted and not to be shared for free online. You can reference facts as long as the report is sourced. The sale of reports helps us buy more time from Joan to do more reports of people in the tree.

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