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Delaware Records

I have been having an interesting email conversation with the Vice President of the Delaware Genealogical Society about the records I found for John Liming I in Delaware dated 1676 and 1677. The 1677 record lists John Liming with other men, who were given land patents in the Whorekill District of the Delaware Frontier of New York Colony. The patents were being carried by a man to New York to be registered and signed by Gov. Lord Andros. My question was, was the land purchased in England first and then they traveled or were they in the colonies already and purchased the land. His answer was that by the look of the patent, the land was a grant given to clear and farm the land and pay quit-rent to Lord Andros. So there was no up front purchase of the land. So this makes it possible that John Liming if he was the indentured John Lyning, to be able to acquire land in Delaware, improve it and then sell it and move to Monmouth and buy land there. Mr Robinson believes that the men who got patents were here in the colonies already. I did ask what port did he think John might have landed in, and he said that most of the people who settled southern Delaware pre 1680, came from the ports of Philadelphia, Maryland or Northern Virginia. The patents were probably given as early as 1675 but not registered till 1677. The 1676 records were from a court case where John Liming was being called as a witness. The case lasted a year and he was called to appear several times and did not. It looks like he finally showed up to the court in the fall. I am feeling excited by these new records I found and now these new leads given by Mr Robinson!!